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Clearly Brief-Coaching is about being brief and effective. Brief-Coaching typically enables clients to come unstuck and get back on track in fewer sessions. Brief-Coaching success rates are as high as those of other coaching approaches.

Brief-Coaching is also about using an elaborated set of coaching tools and applying highly effective assumptions. The Brief-Coaching tools and assumptions are the result of over 25 years of practical research in the field on how best to support fast and lasting change. This approach involves a dramatic shift of paradigm towards solution-building interventions, and is therefore also known as solutions-focused coaching.

  • Brief-Coaching stresses the importance of seeing each client as the expert in finding his/her own solutions. It brings to the surface and builds on clients’ resources and strengths.
  • Brief-Coaching focuses on directing clients’ attention towards those moments and actions that are already working the way they want. It helps clients identify what it is that makes these moments work, and do more of the same.
  • Brief-Coaching carefully explores how clients want their lives to be different and how they will notice next steps on their road towards the goal. It helps to build on small and acheivable successes.

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