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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

How the Curriculum is Organized

Each level includes:
3 15-hour (over 6 weeks) coach training teleclasses – required programs
2 5-hour practicum (in one-day) – Practicum are required
1 15-hour (over 6 weeks) specialty training teleclass – elective program
* the elective program are not described on this page

Level 1 – The Pursuit of Human Greatness
The focus is on the basic coaching skills and Play Better Coaching Method. Combining basic skills with a reliable method is the fastest way to become effective with your players. You will be able to guide them toward playing their game bettern and winning on thier own terms. They will achieve results AND become masters of the game. Even experienced coaches will enjoy this curriculum.

Level 2 – The Pursuit of the Flow State
Level 2 continues to build your mastery of the craft with the Super Conductivity Coaching Method. You will learn to shifts and align patterns of thought, feeling and action to create maximum flow of energy.

Level 3 – Personal Evolution
In Level 3 you will learn to use Pattern Language Coaching to create Personal Evolution for your player. You will develop the ability to recognize, name and shift patterns in your clients inner and outer worlds. Pattern Language Coaching TM is a sophisticated way of seeing and creating the world that will add depth and power to your capabilities as a Coach. Learn more below:
Center for Coaching Mastery

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