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Certified Coach Training Program – Newfield Network

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

Newfield’s core personal and professional development program, Foundations, provides new insights and practical applications for being more effective in all aspects of life.

Foundations applies time-tested and emergent learning concepts to conceptual, emotional, somatic, and spiritual learning practices. This four-month course will help you find new ways to engage cares and concerns, whatever your path in life—educator, executive, manager, attorney, community leader, coach, parent, etc.

Practice applying these new skills to daily life by learning how to:

• Live a life you love—aligned with what you care about
• Show up with greater presence and wisdom for greater impact
• Generate breakthrough results in your personal and
professional life
• Navigate complex issues with greater ease and less fear

Foundations includes two in-person conferences, study group meetings, and group coaching with a Newfield Certified Coach®.

Learn from Masters. The Foundations Course North America was created and is often led by Julio Olalla, MCC. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and founder of Newfield Network. Julio is joined by senior Newfield coaches and facilitators from around the world. Learn more below:
Certified Coach Training Program

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