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Certified Life Coach Program – Coach For Life

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Prerequisite: The Life Coach Program™

Certified Life Coach (CLC) TeleCourse

A 6-month Celebration of Coaching Mastery


1. Complete the 5-day Comprehensive Coaching Course™

2. Complete the 7-week Build A Practice TeleCourse™

3. Complete the 6-month Certified Life Coach TeleCourse™ – This CLC TeleCourse includes the following:

A. Research and write three of the eleven coaching competencies.

a) Complete 30 hours of research and apply your deepened understanding of the three coaching competencies (ten hours per competency) in your coaching practice. Write a two-page paper on your research and your deepened understanding for each of the three coaching competencies.

B. Acknowledgment Sessions – Generally held on three Mondays or three Wednesdays per month for seven months:

a. Complete seven Certification Acknowledgment Calls by presenting one of your recorded coaching sessions with one of your coaching clients each month for a period of seven months. (The recording is done only with the client’s prior written authorization.)

b. Complete thirty Acknowledgment Calls for the other five certification candidates over a period of seven months. You will hear and acknowledge each actual coaching session through the ICF Coaching Competencies and Coach For Life’s Fulfillment Coaching Model™

c. Complete 21 learning sessions over the period of seven months.

C. Complete the two-hour final exam.


1. Can articulate and demonstrate the five parts of the Fulfillment Coaching Model™
2. Can articulate and demonstrate all eleven ICF coaching competencies.
3. Has raised three coaching competencies to a mastery level.
4. Consciously lives the Standards of Presence.
5. Establishes and maintains Standards of Presence with the client.

1. Has personal experience being in conscious contact with their Divine Presence.
2. Knows their values, unique gifts and life purpose.
3. Lives from their values, unique gifts and life purpose.
4. Maintained a formal coaching practice for a minimum of one year or has coached for a minimum of 500 hours.
5. Has maintained a formal coaching relationship with a Life Coach for a minimum of three months.
6. Has experience in consciously creating from the principles of intentioning.

PREREQUISITES TO BEGIN The Certified Life Coach TeleCourse™

1. Complete the 5-day Comprehensive Coaching Course™
2. Complete the 7-week Build a Practice TeleCourse™
3. Has a minimum of three coaching clients that agree in writing to allow their coaching sessions to be recorded for the purpose of certification review

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