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Certified Professional Coach training program – Global Coaching Company

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

This ACTP is internationally certified course by ICF (International Coach Federation) and participants will be able to acquire ACC, PCC and MCC qualifications.
This course is designed to upgrade leaders to access further skills and competencies to change others. Ultimately, participants will be the world leaders who develop social civilization and contribute to creating a new world. Participants will achieve more effective results through variety methods such as the preparation and review of audio tapes, on-site workshops, conference call, on to one coaching, group coaching This course aims to prepare participant to be able to acquire professional core coaching skills to maximize effectiveness of training.

This course includes all contents for ICF(International Coach Federation) ACC, PCC and MCC applicants. The course, which is designed by Dr.Paul Jeong( ICF MCC), is made for executive coach, will serve participants to acquire the ability to help people facing various life circumstances. The course includes coaching core skills, practice, consciousness training, business and executive coaching etc. Participants will yield more effective results through preparation and review and variety methods such as workshop, group study, 1:1 mentor coaching etc. CPCP is internationally certified course by ICF and now conducted in the U.S., China, India, Japan and Europe, etc through various languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese etc.

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Certified Professional Coach training program

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