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Coach Development Program – Teleos Leadership Institute

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Their 12-day Teleos Coach Development Program (TCDP) has been delivered to global companies to increase internal capacity to support on-going development of leaders throughout the organization. They offer TCDP to qualified professionals who are seeking coach development in Teleos coaching methodologies and/or ICF certification.  Using a process of inquiry and personal discovery, they build the coach’s level of awareness and skills to provide the client with structure, support, and feedback. Through classroom practice, intersession work and personal development, students will practice and receive feedback.

About TCDP

Pre-program reading required.

Total Hours: 128; Program in residence minimum: 104 hours.

Number of minimum practice sessions: 36 hours (approx. 1, 3-hour session a day) this is included during in residence sessions.

Intersession Coaching Clinics conference calls minimum: 24 hours required or 8 sessions of 3 hours each to help support work with real clients within a 10 month period.

The minimum Intersession Work hours: 10 hours. Participants are expected to coach real clients (or pro bono) during the Intersession Work.

Faculty gives feedback to participants throughout. Participants also give feedback to each other.

Attendance records are maintained.

Complete online personal development program, FOR Leadership and Life,- 6-12 hours.

Participants who want to proceed to ICF certification send a 30 to 60 minute recorded coaching session (video or audio) that illustrates the 11 ICF coaching competencies as a final part of the assessment process. On successful completion of meeting the requirements, participants receive a Teleos Coach Development Program certification of completion, which is used for ICF certification.

Support for ICF Certification to participants who want to pursue certification.  Learn more below:
Coach Development Program

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