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Coach Training and Certification Program – Success Unlimited Network

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OVERVIEW: Total number of hours: minimum 125

The SUN Coach Training and Certification program is customized so some Coaches-in-Training (CITs) may participate by telephone with their Coach Trainer, others may choose to attend class meetings in person and most use a combination of both options. Some parts of the program are similar to the ICF portfolio route because SUN offers 25 hours of customized training as well* 100 hours of training are direct interaction. 25 hours may be indirect interaction. Considerations include distance, weather conditions and health and disability factors. Many CITs go beyond the 125 hours minimums they create a program to meet their specific needs. Mentor Coaching is done by SUN Coach Trainers.

Plus customized training including:

Supervision of client meetings in person or by phone and additional opportunities to expose CITs to other ICF credentialed and certified coaches, colleagues, other M.C.C.s and SUN Coach Trainers

* Coaching buddy practice assignments
* Integration review
* E-mail supervision, Q&A
* Textbook, coach manual study
* Reading and relevant literature discussions
* Marketing presentations
* SUN education events in person group size 10-30
* Skills practices in person group size 3-15
* Tele-learning classes group size 4-20
* Adjunct M.C.C. taught classes

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Coach Training and Certification Program

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