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A full ACTP program: International CoachWise Corporate Certification Program is divided into three parts: Essentials, Equipped and Proficiency programms

– CoachWise Essentials™ – is a direct, solid introduction to coaching, combined with practicing and experiencing coaching and real improvement of coaching skills. It consists of a 2-days training program and 4 teleclasses – total up to 20 hrs of training, accredited by ICF.

– CoachWise Equipped™- is a complex, intensive and practical program of development, which ‘equips’ you with coaching skills needed to do coaching by yourself and teach you to use them in practice.
4-months program consists of: 8 days of training programmes, 2 types of teleclasses (12 hrs) and 2 series of supervised coaching sessions with an experienced coach – in total up to 75 hours of training, accredited by ICF.

– CoachWise Proficiency™ – an advanced certification program that leads participants to an ICF PCC level coach

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Coaching for Leadership Certification

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