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Empowering Individuals and Organizations. Changing the World.

You aim for significant impact: Tangible, lasting results that make a difference in people’s lives. For basic, physical survival. For human dignity, safety, and respect.

You have the energy and the vision. But how are you sustaining long-term development for your greatest resources—yourself, your staff, and organization?

Like many engaged in social change, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Facing high turn over. Headed for burnout. Under pressure to achieve more, with less. And not getting the support you need.

It’s time for a change!

Leadership that Works partners with cutting-edge grant-makers and philanthropists who are investing in coaching for grantees so that they can maximize human potential and get more tangible long-term results. NGOs, nonprofits, cultural creatives and social activists are all experiencing the benefits of coaching in building individual, staff and organizational effectiveness, creativity, and passion.

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Coaching for Transformation

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