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Coaching Integrado – Integrated Coaching Institute

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

Our program is the most comprehensive and in-depth ICF-accredited coaching program in Brazil. Our goal is to train coaches who are able to deal with life coaching as well as executive coaching issues efficiently and successfully.

We cover concepts from areas as diverse as: organizational psychology, social constructionism, cognitive constructivism, the positive psychology movement, as well as studies on stress and adversity-handling abilities, behavioral coaching, emotional intelligence and current studies on leadership effectiveness in the corporate world.

Our life coaching training is also based on quantum theories and the concept of personal energy management.

Our course is famous for its rich content and for the several models that it covers. Our training model is based on a balance between theory and practice, focusing on real-life cases. The entire program is grounded on helping the student excel in all the core ICF competencies and in his/her ability to contribute to the coachee´s process of competency development.

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