Coaching Multidimensional – Estrategia en Crecimiento Organizacional
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Coaching Multidimensional – Estrategia en Crecimiento Organizacional

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We hold that the human being is an integrated system for bodily, emotional and language, interacting in various settings (family, society, business and others)

The coach, the distinctions and expertise have become a privileged observer of this system, so that:

* The accompanying systemic design a new structure that allows to set goals beyond their expectations.
* Distinguish the roofs of growth that the coachee has established.
* Challenge your mental models and challenge their assumptions.
* Promotes the development of awareness and responsibility.
* It shows strategies for designing productive discussions and the coordination of actions.

General Purpose

The participant will develop conversational and relational skills and intervention strategies to facilitate the coachee, increased awareness and accountability in the various roles of her life, providing access to their full potential.

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Coaching Multidimensional

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