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The Consciousness Coaching® Academy offers you extensive coach training through the Master curriculum as well as a number of targeted special interest options.

Consciousness is the human operating system within which we think, feel and act. Understanding and developing your ability to operate your consciousnesses is the best way to become the creator of your life as you choose to live it. Our vision is to create a revolution in consciousness and make love a worldwide reality!

The Master I – The Awareness ProcessTM is the foundation training for the Consciousness Coaching® curriculum, should you wish to become a life, executive or business coach or not. You need to complete this course in order to attend any of the other courses as it provides definitions and distinctions that you will need to “get” in support of you extending your coaching skills. This course will start you on a path to increased awareness, freedom of choice, passion, self-expression, clarity of purpose and the development of your personal power through integrity and the power of your word.

All our courses are 4 day transformational processes, which will result in a deeper understanding of what living an inspired life, free of conditioned thinking and feeling might look like.

Coaching is now a well established practice globally, proven to advance the skills of leaders, managers and individuals time and time again, as it looks to ask questions that provide organic insights which are not rejected by the Ego. All Consciousness Coaching training® is conducted by way of processes, exercises and peer to peer feedback, as well as the more traditional workbook. This means that you are transformed within the 4 day period and that it is unnecessary to do additional study after the course to experience the benefits (although an ongoing commitment and openness to your personal development is naturally the ultimate approach):

More aliveness – Less tiredness
Clearer thinking – Less overload
Vision oriented action – Less uncertainty
More joy – Less sorrow
More results – Less stress

Whatever career you have chosen, whatever life you are living, Consciousness Coaching® will support you in experiencing more of it! Consciousness (and) Coaching® as A New Way of Living is an easy choice by our graduates. Whether it is your desire to become a Consciousness Coach® or to just to be living consciously with passion and heartfelt commitment to your purpose in life, stretching out of the comfort zone, sharing your heart with others and being in action of your dream is a totally awe inspiring way to live.

Teens also experience massive benefits of the Master I – The Awareness ProcessTM, giving them a better understanding of their personal strengths and power, and the opportunity to explore a vision for their lives that leaves them focused and in inspired action of it for their future. They have a limitless potential at this important stage in their development. We have found that teenagers enjoy the interaction with adults and have less learned behaviour to sabotage their “getting” of the curriculum content. A Master I for Teens can also be held as an individual training programme at schools or within other community or education environments.

If it is your wish to make Consciousness Coaching® your career, you need to complete Master I, II and III. Master II – The Creation ProcessTM introduces you to the Consciousness Coaching® protocol and toolbox and includes 6 Consciousness Coaching® sessions, in order for you to experience being coached by a professional Consciousness Coach® and measure the benefits yourself.

Master III is the advanced coach training, split into two parts, with a 6 week break in between. Each part takes place in either Cape Town or JHB, within that training cycle. This gives all those wishing to develop their consciousness and coaching skills at the Master III level to complete the training together. In order to obtain either the Professional Coaching Diploma (ICF qualification) and/or the Consciousness Coaching Diploma (ICF accredited) you need to complete 6 observed coaching sessions and a written exam.

Master IV – The Success ProcessTM and The Mastery of Relationships are not requirements for the Consciousness Coaching Diploma but rather supportive programmes that deepen and strengthen your practice of the Consciousness Coaching techniques. They can be attended at any stage once you have completed Master I. Master IV also gives you the opportunity to commit to a vision for your business, or your life, and put in place an action plan to realizing it. It is a sales oriented course as no success is achieved without sales of some nature and we invite you to do it the Consciousness Coaching way by giving your potential client or customer (or partner) the opportunity to have freedom of choice.

The Mastery of Relationships is held over three days and with Marc and Savannah Steinberg in the driving seat. Building on Consciousness Coaching® as a way of communicating and being more empowered in your love relationship, in your relationships with your family, at work and with the rest of the world. This course is an absolute must for those of you that are wishing to experience love and fulfillment at its most enjoyable. Master I is a prerequisite for this course and couples are absolutely invited to do it together.

All courses run by the Consciousness Coaching® Academy, take place over 4 days, between Thursday and Sunday, and give you current theory, practical insight training and video demonstrations coupled with peer feedback. These are supplemented by powerful sharing sessions and in course assignments. You receive a comprehensive course workbook and have the opportunity to expand your understanding of the material after completing the training days, through the range of DVD’s available for purchase.

With Consciousness Coaching® you learn by doing; building wisdom through insights; acquiring skills by experience and as such develop your being. Each training day is made up of enquiries into the nature of human consciousness (because this is where you work and what you work with, in creating the opportunity for the achievement of goals to take place) alongside experiential exercises and video presentations. The peer to peer feedback is extremely powerful in helping you break through blockages while also developing the coach within.

A mind loaded with knowledge is impressive, but can be slow and heavy when it comes to movement and challenges. This is why Marc Steinberg has developed a clear coaching structure that creates a channel for coaching to happen more naturally and with flow. Coaching simplifies the complexities of your mind – to make your mind more powerful!

From Master II onwards, students also benefit from an optional frame programme that includes a short meditation and some yoga before the course begins, and training in Hojo, an ancient Japanese discipline. This is offered in support of further development of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Starting at 09h00 sharp and finishing up at approximately 19h00 each evening, tea, coffee, fruit, snacks and lunch are included (Vegetarian, Kosher and Halaal options are available – please inform us of any special dietary requirements in advance.)

Coaching qualifications

On completion of Master II and Master III, you can take a two-part assessment, including written exams, observed coaching session and the submission of coaching notes, to be awarded the two-part, ICF accredited diploma:

  • The Professional Coach® Diploma (PCD)
  • The Consciousness Coaching® Diploma (CCD)

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