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Corporate Coach Certification – SECA

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Are you an executive coach seeking ICF Credentialing, Renewal of an ICF Credential, or Mentoring? Or a corporate internal coach or manager wanting to develop your coaching leadership skill or coaching capability to support your organization? Our coach training gives you the fundamentals you need as an executive coach to include coaching skills, a template of the executive coaching process, plus a toolkit of process and forms. These elements provide the resources to support you as a coach of senior leaders in organizations. Another distinction of SECA training is that it integrates customized, one-to-one coaching for you, honoring your prior professional experience and supporting you toward masterful skill development and the achievement of your coaching goals and vision.

The SECA Corporate Coach Certification Program includes three Modules: Module 1–Individual Experience of Executive Coaching, Module 2–Three coaching skills workshops, Module 3–Advanced Certification. Our training philosophy is that Module 1 gives you an experience of the value of coaching for you, plus an introduction of the coaching competencies and executive coaching process. Module 2 workshops provide an experiential opportunity for progressive skill building and application of models and tools. In Module 3 you work with three clients to apply the coaching skills and tools, with observation and feedback, and mentoring for advanced development.

The SECA Corporate Coach Certification Program is 125 hours. SECA also offers an international Compact Coach Training Program for ACC. Click below to learn more:
Corporate Coach Certification

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