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Diploma Programme – Coaching Development, Ltd.

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On our training course you will develop the attitudes and learn the skills of an effective professional coach. Through continuing practice, observation and feedback you will have the opportunity to become highly proficient. Our purpose is not simply to provide you with a toolkit of powerful techniques and processes. Techniques can be useful in moving us forward in various ways, but the point for us is that essentially, as a coach, you yourself become your principal tool.

We will question, encourage, challenge and support you in your learning throughout the course. You will have the opportunity to develop yourself so that coaching becomes an authentic part of who you are. As you develop your self-awareness you will become more able to ‘get out of your own way’, and out of the way of your clients. You will become able to listen and question more deeply and accurately, be more aware of your perceptions, insights and intuitions, and become more skilled in communicating simply, honestly and effectively. As you increasingly bring this way of being to your work, you will become more and more able to be truly present with, and for, your clients.

Our teaching style reflects a person-centred approach to adult learning. Our principal method is experiential learning: learning by doing, coupled with personal reflection and exploration. We include mini-lectures, course notes, discussion groups, experiential work, video input and tape recording.

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