Do You Need To Get Certified To Become A Life Coach?
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Do You Need To Get Certified To Become A Life Coach?

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Author: Koz Huseyin

A question that often comes up for people wanting to become a life coach is whether they need to get certified to start a coaching practice. In this article, we will take a look at the options, and whether you need to get certified to become a life coach.

Life coaching is an interesting career to pursue. Though when someone says life coaching, the thought associated is with personal development, success, etc. However, life coaching is not just about personal development or success, there are business coaches that deal with specific topics like marketing, and there are also health fitness instructors that could be thought of as a specialized life coach. In this article, we will look at specifically the life coach that deals with success in life, and anything that pertains to that. However, this information still applies to all of the other areas.

Looking at the top life coaches, we will find that they have been life coaching whether personally or in a seminar setting for several decades. Most of these people do not have any formal certification in life coaching. In fact life coach certification courses are pretty new.

This leaves us with 2 avenues to become a life coach. The first is to learn in life, and find solutions. Those solutions that you found in the midst of adversity are worth there weight in gold. When you can bring this to the benefit of others, often you will find great rewards. The other route is not as hard or time consuming and that is to get certified as a life coach.

The choice will come down to your own personal experience in life. For example having gone through several failed businesses, then achieving great success is a knowledge which people could use. Also if you have spent over a decade in personal development, then you likely intellectually know what to do, and as such have information which people need.

If you only have found personal development in the last few years, there is no need to fret. You still can get into life coaching as a career, and still find immense success. The life coaching courses available have the answers, and these answers are what many of the top life coaches may have had to spend years on. In a life coaching course, you could find the answer in 5 minutes!

Your choice will come down to your experience level. One method is not right over another, it is just a question of time. If you want to get started as a life coach today, and don’t have much experience with finding the solutions, then the solutions can be as simple as doing the course and starting.

As more people seek out life coaches in today’s world, there is a huge growing demand for life coaches, and this demand can not be met with only people who have gone through adversity and found success. There will be more of a need for certification and a true route to get into life coaching.

Though personal development life coaches may not have to get certified, there is talk that it may become a necessity to get certified, to be able to become a life coach and coach others. Also other fields such as dealing with psychology or other medical areas may have a need to get certified before beginning.

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