European Coaching Certification Programme – International Teaching Seminars
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European Coaching Certification Programme – International Teaching Seminars

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The ITS European NLP Coaching Certification Programme began in 2000 and has proved a tremendous success. Those who attend the training come from a wide range of backgrounds and choose it for many reasons. Some use it to build an international Coaching practice. Others join to expand and deepen their current NLP skills.  But many, many people come because they simply want to learn a coaching approach which can be applied in their work and their life.

Those who have already become certified NLP Coaches report many benefits.  These include:

  • Really understanding what makes coaching unique and why it is so appealing
  • A wealth of new tools and techniques that are specific to Coaching
  • A sense of certainty about their abilities to successfully Coach others and where appropriate, build a coaching practice
  • An entirely new NLP skill level
  • Really knowing how to give feedback
  • Dramatically improved results with existing clients
  • For some, a new career, for others a new way of working
  • A sense of congruence around their ability to combine their NLP knowledge-base with well-defined Coaching skills.  And many many more…

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