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Formation au Metier de Coach – International Mozaik l’Žcole du devenir

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

Our learning approach uses participants’ professional backgrounds in an interactive dynamic which alternates knowledge transfer and business experimentation. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to try out their ability to coach, integrating the systemic approach and strategic coaching tools such as metaphors, analogies, and paradoxes.

Professional situations brought in by the participants are explored during mentoring session where everyone can experience and practice.

Between sessions, participants work, in peers groups, on task they have been assigned for the next session, leveraging field experience. In addition, the program provides high quality materials that support and help participants engage in their own learning at a deep level.

At the end of the program and after successful completion of a certification process, participants will be awarded International MOZAIK’s Certification.

The “Formation au Metier de Coach” which consists of the following 6 programs:

Basic: “Foundations of coaching (12 days).
Advanced: “Becoming a professional corporate coach (Team coaching)” (15 days) + “Becoming an individual executive coach (Accompagnement individuel et rôle de coach)” (15 days) +”Master of Business Coaching” (30 days).
Master training: “Practice for professionnal coaches” (10 days) + “Supervision for professionnal coaches” (10 days).

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Formation au Metier de Coach

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