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The goal of the “FUTURE Coaching method” is to make improvements to everyday life. The method is based on the theory and practical insights of holistic individuation training that was developed by W.E. Stabentheiner 15 years ago.

In the course of FUTURE-Coaching, the coach uses a structured mode of communication that is orientated completely towards the success of the coaching partner. In addition, physical reactions are incorporated in the method on the basis of kinesiology. As a result, communication becomes subtler and far more targeted. A relationship of mutual esteem, differentiated perception without bias, evaluation and interpretation constitute the prerequisites for change and growth. A state of absolute understanding and being understood leads directly to progress.

FUTURE-Coaching training is applied whenever the focus is on individuals, on the impact they have and on their success. When it is a matter of shaping relations both in professional and private spheres, and of investigating one’s purpose in life and producing the highest quality of life possible.

The training offered within the framework of FUTURE Coaching has one main goal: to ensure that you have the best coach you can imagine at your side to help you cope with every challenge that crops up at any time – YOU!
You will quickly learn to coach yourself, to help yourself along in various situations in life, to consciously take targeted measures to develop yourself in a holistic manner.

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