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Grow2 Certified Master Coach (Grow2 CMC) – Grow2

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The Grow2 programme consists of a basic training programme and a secondary training programme, designated the GROW2 Coach Training Programme and the GROW2 Master Coach Training Program. The full Grow2 training programme is called Grow2 Certified Master Coach (Grow2 CMC).

The training programme has been devised on the basis of the standards for good coaching set out by ICF.
The theoretical foundation and the toolbox are composed of the tools which in our experience will ensure a forward-looking process that yields the greatest and best results compared to the goal of the coaching session.

Our starting point is ICF’s 11 core competences for good coaching, which we spice with theories developed by people such as Gregory Bateson, John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Humberto Maturana, Daniel Goleman, John Withmore, Søren Kirkegaard and Carl Rogers. In practice this means that we study the theories of emotional intelligence, systemic, narrative and cognitive thinking as well as NLP.

The GROW2 coach training programme is known for its development of coaches who are able to inspire people both physically, mentally and emotionally to reach their goals.

We work from the inside out focusing on the whole person, the whole organisation and the relations. Our approach is based on holistic thinking with great emphasis on recognition and potential.

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Grow2 Certified Master Coach (Grow2 CMC)

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