Leadership Coaching: 4 Practices Which Kill Effective Team Meetings
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Leadership Coaching: 4 Practices Which Kill Effective Team Meetings

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You cannot achieve perfection with your team meetings mainly because perfection is a myth and so many people are involved when you are conducting a team meeting. Everyone has different qualities and characteristics, and handling them in a manner that is productive and constructive can be a very tall order.

But, we can all try to move towards the best possibility, right? If you want to make your team meetings more effective, then these are the things leadership coaching experts tell that you should avoid.

  1. Using meetings as aimless chatter without clear intended outcomes– Have you ever participated in meetings when they go on and on and on…punctuated by wandering chatter…laced with political posturing? This is one of the most toxic and energy sucking waste of employee’s time. If you’re at this spot…then you’re ready for a complete makeover in how to create powerfully constructive meetings.
  2. Talk All the Time– There was a time when leaders hogged the entire meeting. They were the only speakers and rambled on about things. They spoke about what they felt needed to be done and the meetings turned to be completely one-dimensional. However, the right approach should be to invite your team members to give their opinions and suggestions as well. Instead of speaking all the time, you have to give them the chance to speak also; they should feel involved.
  3. Just Read Out the Information– This is again a very wrong thing. Don’t just get a printout or even a presentation that you just read out from. If you are just going to do this, a meeting is not needed at all. If you’re doing this, you are disrespectful of the ability of participants to read…do you think you really must read to everyone? And, more importantly, reading and restating the material crushes the personal accountability of the participants to have done their home work prior to the meeting. If you want to incentivize personal accountability…send out the information, ask them to be prepared to answer a set of questions which you can send along.
  4. Speak the Good as well as the Bad– Don’t insult your team members’ intelligence by telling them only about the good things and hiding the bad things. They have a right to know everything. If there is a risk factor, they should know about it. If the desired outcome hasn’t been achieved, they should know it. Tell them everything.


This is how you can fashion a good team meeting; avoid doing these above things. Leadership coaching experts constantly speak about changing trends in the corporate world, and these are some of the ways in which team meetings have changed.

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Jodi and Mike specialize in executive coaching with individuals and teams. http://lighthouse-leadership.com

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