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Leadership Coaching Program – International Coach Institute

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The Leadership – Coaching Program includes a synthesis of International Coach Federation (ICF) ethical guidelines, standards of conduct, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and privacy, trust and intimacy and coaching presence. The ICF core competencies studied are Setting the Foundation, Co-creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectiely, and Facilitating Learning and Results. Literature reviews include professional leadership coaching, executive coaching, and team coaching. The work of Carl Jung, Stephen M. R. Covey, Martin Seligman, Laura Whitworth, et. al, Sandra Krebs Hirsh, Peter Senge, MaryBeth O’Neill, Patrick Lencioni, Margaret Wheatley, and Gerard Egan are some of the authors of literature that are studied in the Leadership – Coaching Program at the International Coach Institute. The program is through distance learning including the final exam. There are 6 hours of observable coaching with a Master Certified Coach, Dr. Carol A. Turner, who is currently a professional Leadership Team and Executive Coach. Also, the Leadership – Coaching Program is approved by the ICF for 125 ACSTH hours of training. There are 3 Parts to the program including Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced training. All three parts must completed to achieve the International Coach Certification that takes 9 months. Partial completion will result in the ACSTH hours of completion for example 42 hours, 84 hours, or up to 125 hours. Learn more below:
Leadership – Coaching Program

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