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Life Coach Certification Program – Institute for Life Coach Training

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ACTP Course Overview

The Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) is approved by the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). ILCT provides the training component of the credentialing requirements for all ICF credentials. Every class within ILCT’s ACTP utilizes the International Coach Federation core competencies. Upon completion of the 130 hours of training (with other requirements) students will have met all of the academic requirements for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential.

Our program was designed to provide a progression of classes that allow a student to develop their skills as each class is taken. Our required classes (a total of 102 hours) are listed below in the order in which they should be taken.

1. Foundational Class
2. Coaching Skills Practicum
3. ICF Core Competencies
4. Supervision Practicum
5. Ethics

In addition to the required classes, each student is allowed 28 or more elective hours. The classes range from executive coaching, relationship, marketing, wellness, assessments, etc.

About the Institute

The Institute for Life Coach Training began as the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice. Prompted by the ever-increasing number of therapists wanting to offer coaching services to their clients, Dr. Patrick Williams, psychologist and Master Certified Coach (MCC), founded the Institute in late 1998 after completing his own advanced training at Coach University and other notables in the field.

As a successful psychologist-turned-coach, Dr. Williams recognized that therapists and helping professionals are the most well-positioned professionals to transition to the world of coaching. Because therapists and helping professionals already have the requisite skills for effective coaching, he developed a training program that emphasizes the important distinctions between therapy and coaching — and builds upon therapists’ existing skills so that they can quickly translate those skills to coaching in as little as 40 hours of teleclasses.

All classes are taught through teleclasses in North America and live training is available in Turkey, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy, China and Korea

Our curriculum is evidence based and grounded in key theories of human development from psychology, adult learning and communication.

Today, over 50% of our students are from other people professions (teachers, human resource professionals, lawyers, financial planners, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors, and aligned professionals).

Since its inception, the Institute has educated thousands of students across the US, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The program has expanded to include Advanced Coach Training and offers a Certified Life Coach designation. The curriculum for the Foundational Coach Training is continually re-evaluated to ensure that state-of-the-art training is provided. It is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program.

For the exclusive benefit of our students and graduates, the Institute has established an online Student Center, full of valuable resources that are crucial for coaching success. Graduates of our programs also have the option of participating in once-a-month “Pat’s Coaching Forum.”

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