Life Coach Training – 5 Types of Life Coach
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Life Coach Training – 5 Types of Life Coach

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If you have any type of experience at all, you can potentially earn a living by letting other people benefit from your expertise. One of the best ways to do this is to train to become a coach.

But what type of life coach training do you want to take, and where will it lead you career wise? Well, here are five areas of coaching that you might like to consider:

Personal Coaching – If you are happy and fulfilled in your personal life, you’ll radiate energy and passion into everything else that you do. You’ll have that calm inner strength that comes from having secure and satisfying relationships. Your personal life is often the deep pocket that is constantly giving to the other areas of your life. The thing is, you can’t go on giving from an empty pocket. Good coaches understand that the personal life must be nurtured and is vital for sustaining everything else in your life. No good being fantastic at your job and breaking down because your personal life is draining all of your energy.

Business Coaching – Clients in this area are usually independent business people and business owners. Coaching them involves recognising the unique burdens of responsibility that weigh heavily on the business owner, and the importance of taking effective action that reinforces confidence. Business coaching looks at systems, strategies and tactics with an eye to how the business owner can make the processes of their company more efficient.

Management Coaching – Similar to business coaching in many respects, management coaching focuses on how the client can get the most out of their employees rather than their business structures and processes. So it looks at how to improve your communication, how to take responsibility for your staff performance and other similar aspects of being a manager. Coaches are sensitive to clients’ concerns that they have been promoted to a managerial position but have no actual experience of management. Preparing them for the unique challenges that being a manager will bring, and how to focus on enhancing their employees rather than themselves, are just two of the things that a good management coach will help their clients to achieve.

Leadership Coaching – A specialist type of coaching and similar in many ways to business and management coaching, but with the main focus on how to lead others and potentially whole companies forwards in a common direction with a single powerful vision of where everyone is going. Less about the day to day actions of staff as that is more the realm of management coaching, and more about creating agreement and buy in from staff as to the reasons why they are doing their job, and where they fit into the big picture.

Career Coaching – Coaching somebody about their career generally involves assisting them transition from one career type to another career type, at least once in their adult life. With the global trend moving away from the idea of a job for life, and towards the idea that most of us will work a series of jobs during our working adult years, career coaching has never been in more demand. It’s more than being a job hunting assistant though, the career coach focuses on developing a coherent career plan for the client to consider. Assisting the client to push outside of comfortable but limiting ideas about their career, and to look at the vast array of possibilities for each of us, the career coach has an important role helping the client to visualize and revisualize themselves in the context of work.

Of course, there are many more types of coach than the five listed here. Now that you’ve read about these five you might be interested to find out them in more detail, or about the other types of coach out there.

Sarah Trabismus writes about life coach training in between juggling her day job and bringing up her own children. She has been writing articles for a few years now, and specializes in education and parenting issues. You can read her latest writing about life coach training on her website where she also looks at the life coach courses [] that are available to anyone looking to improve themselves.

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