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Life coaching education is designed to instruct the student to help enrich the personal or professional life of the client. Prospective life coaches will learn how to form a professional partnership with clients to help clients in their personal development.

Life coaching studies focus on personal skills, actions, and issues so as to produce results relevant to the client. A thorough life coaching education shows students how to make requests of the client in order to improve performance, practice introspection and self examination, make decisions, or any other issues that the client wants or needs to address; the responsibility to follow through with those requests is that of the client.

Life coaching schools prepare students for setting goals for a client that may include career, business, financial situations, education, intimate relationships, family life, basic self-confidence, or spirituality. Life coaching education may impart guidelines specifically related to stress reduction, appropriate actions that may be taken, or strategies that can be used to change situations that produce stress. Life coaching education is frequently offered by organizations or corporations in group sessions that meet weekly or daily for the betterment of their employees.

Life coaching is often used in the practices of psychology and counseling to aid in transitions in the personal life and self-definition of their clientele. Life coaching education can concentrate in one or more specializations: life coaching, personal coaching, career coaching, small business coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching, and organizational or corporate coaching. Life coaching education has been expanded to include the Internet, where online life coaching is conducted.

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