Life Coaching – Why is it Growing in Popularity
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Life Coaching – Why is it Growing in Popularity

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Life coaching is a phenomenen that has taken off throughout the world. Life Coaching courses have popped up everywhere, ranging from distance programs delivered via emails to face-to-face intensives and supervised coaching sessions. People from all walks of life are turning to coaches to assist them to get results faster, or to find better ways to do what needs to be done.

Suddenly, everyone is talking about coaching.

There are hundreds of life coaching courses around the world, thousands of life coaches and even more specialist coaches who are there to solve your sales, executive, leadership, spiritual and business challenges. Whatever field of life or endeavour you think of, a coach can assist.

The challenge is the quality of the life coaches. Even accredited coaches can let you down with their lack of skills and even greater lack of confidence.

Avoiding these coaches is fairly straght-forward – ask for their client testimonials and number of coaching hours. The testimonials need to be strong endorsements of the field of coaching your interested in being coached in, and they need to have done at least 250 hours of coaching. For this you would pay around $200 hour plus, with the expectation of seeing improvements within the first few sessions. All this depends, of course, on the client taking action!

Life coaching’s growth is based on its results, first and foremost. It works, with the right coach and a coachable client. I’ve assisted a client in tripling their income, another to let go of a fear of public speaking and another recover from a phobia. The clients love that they’ve achieved what they thought could not be done, certainly in such a short time frame.

The other reason for life coaching growing in popularity is that its methodology is based on positive psychology. As a coach, I’m not interested in why the client isn’t getting their results, I’m only interested in what needs to change, and by how much. My focus is on strategy design – the design of behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that are going to move the client out of their stuck state and towards results.

Finally, life coaching is a winner because you can be coached via phone, so your coach can be anywhere in the world. Convenience with our busy lifestyles is a plus!

Choose a life coach from an accredited school. Make sure they have NLP training (Neuro linguistic programmning) and have expertise in the area you wished to be coached. Expect to pay in advance for your sessions and to meet once to see if you’re a match for each other. Check all references and testimonials and realise you get what you pay for.

Sharon Pearson is CEO of The Coaching Institute in Australia, author, speaker and trainer.
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