Make Money As a Life Coach – What Kind of Life Coach Training Do You Need?
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Make Money As a Life Coach – What Kind of Life Coach Training Do You Need?

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I have been working with life coaches for many years, and one of the most popular questions that I receive from life coaches is what kind of life coach training they need. Many coaches conduct an exhaustive research of all programs available both online and offline. They speak with graduates of different coaching programs, they read web sites and articles, they post countless messages on social networking forums and web sites, all in hopes of finding the perfect training program.

But in search of this perfect life coach training program, they forget the most important thing, which is marketing training. They think that coaching clients will come to them as soon as they graduate from the coaching school.

Many coaches finally find their perfect coach training program and enroll in it. Then they graduate and start waiting for clients. When clients don’t come, they start thinking that the clients are not coming because they don’t have enough coach training. So they enroll in another course, then another course, then another course. They do all this coursework, but the clients still don’t come. So what should they have done instead?

Instead of doing all the coursework they should have enrolled in marketing training. They should have enrolled in training that would help them find coaching prospects and turn them into clients. Without clients you cannot share your gift of coaching. Marketing training is the most powerful training of all, as it is going to help you share your gift of coaching with others.

So, what kind of life coach training do you need? You need marketing training!

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  • Chris Hutton September 30, 2011, 9:40 pm

    Great article, I have always wanted to look into life coaching as i have worke with lesser priveledged people in the past.

    I never knew a must have was marketing traing, will deffinately come in handy

    I will deffinately be looking into the free report.


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