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Master Certified Life Coach Program – Coach For Life

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The Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) Program™ – A Two-year Program

This Program brings serious, professional coaches to their second level of certification with Coach For Life and meets all educational requirements for ICF’s PCC and MCC Certifications.

The additional two courses provide in-depth, personal mastery and professional mastery that propels your coaching to a master’s level.

The two Courses taken once the Certified Life Coach (CLC) designation has been awarded are:

* Personal Mastery – The Eight-week Living The Standards of Presence TeleCourse
* Professional Mastery – The Twelve-month Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) TeleCourse.

Living the Standards of Presence TeleCourse
An eight-week personal-mastery TeleCourse. This TeleCourse expands the underlying principles of the Standards of Presence and fosters the assimilation and application of these Standards to our day-to-day lives. The resulting self-mastery also brings more ease, simplicity and elegance to our coaching.

Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) TeleCourse™
A twelve-month professional mastery program done in a groupof 3 or less with a Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) and Trainer.

This program is designed to develop your own unique coaching style and model while honoring your core values, unique gifts and life purpose. You will have developed your personal coaching model and style within the guidelines of the ICF Competencies and Coach For Life’s Fulfillment Coaching Model™.

This Process consists of the following components:

* Self-designed Acknowledgment Certification Session Form that captures your coaching model and style elements, skills, and components.
* Four Acknowledgment Certification Sessions that demonstrate your coaching model and style – each with one of your actual clients (with their written permission).
* Eight two-page papers describing your model and style of coaching as it relates to the ICF Competencies and/or Coach For Life’s Fulfillment Coaching Model™.
* A two-hour oral final exam.

The resulting coaching mastery brings a natural flow, grace and elegance to your coaching. Prior to this twelve-month program, the MCLC Candidate is a very competent coach. Upon completing this twelve-month TeleCourse and being awarded the Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) designation, the coach, as a person, is one with their coaching.

Coaching becomes second-nature as a result of this program! Click below to learn more:
Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) Program

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