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Master Certified Professional & Corporate Coach – Coaching Corporation

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

This program of Master in Coaching goes beyond the traditional programs of Coaching Trainings, since achieves that the contents of learning will be complemented with their practical application, being adapted to the reality of a team, business or institutions.

Our Master Certified Professional & Corporate Coach has as an objective to develop in the participants the emotional, instrumental, and analytic competences that allow them to reach full control and mastery in their development as Coaches. The process of Training is based on the ethical delineations and the parameters of quality established by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

With this Training Program the participants will be capable of understand and to handle the different levels of Coaching application, from their keys of individual operation to the implementation of a company culture of Coaching inside an organization. Likewise they will generate competences for the development and subsequent application of the process of Coaching executive and teams.

During the instruction a plural, critical, and interactive relation through discussions of group is promoted, readings, participatory classes, master classes, work in small groups, presentations of students and guests, practical works (individual and group), tutorships with a Mentor-Coach, and supervised practices.

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Master Certified Professional & Corporate Coach

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