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The Master in Corporate and Business Coaching is a comprehensive programme of a full length of 161 hours, and is divided into 2 levels: Accreditation and Professional Certification. This is to help people eventually choose to attend it in portions, adapting learning to the development of their coaching practice. It has been the first professional coaching training designed in Italy and it’s first edition has been delivered in 2002 aiming to finalize a high standard program for qualified professionals to be presented to ICF accreditation after at least two reviews for quality management. Intended audience has always been prospective professional coaches and top managers, and the program has been promoted to HR professionals, trainers, development consultants, psychologists, managers and entrepreneurs that run businesses where the human capital and is a strategic asset.

The first level of the Master, Accreditation, is built around the objective to give participants a clear frame of the code of ethics and quality standards of the profession plus basic and key tools and a structure to deliver a good basic coaching. After completing the first level and passing the first level examination, that is set in two sessions – written and coaching direct practice – participants are allowed to go further in their training attending the second level, Professional Certification. This second portion of the programme hits the objectives to offer a deeper understanding of individual and team dynamics in coaching context, of the use and structure of powerful questioning, of the management of coaching interventions in business and corporate environments, of the different levels of professional coaching.

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Master in Corporate and Business Coaching

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