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Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Program – Center for Right Relationship

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The certification program offers intensive practice and study in the ORSC model, and is designed to create mastery in Relationship Systems Coaching. The program has completed its piloting stage, and application for ICF accreditation has been submitted.

The program is comprised of 8 months of weekly calls ending in a three-day Residential Training. Some of the components of the program include:

Cohorts – Students will be assigned to a 15 person Cohort learning community during certification. The Center supports cross disciplinary training and Cohorts will combine students specializing in Organizational Coaching with those specializing in Personal Relationship Coaching. However, students will have the opportunity to focus on their area of interest, in terms of choice of scenarios used in skill drill, client supervision and application of the Online Learning.

Two-hour Skill Drill Calls – approximately every other week with an emphasis on the mastery of specific ORSC Tools.

Extensive Practice – Students will need to complete 100 hours of Relationship Systems Coaching during the 8 month program, and will need to carry a minimum of 4 systems coaching clients at all times. A mix of
group/family and pair/couples coaching will be required.

Extensive Supervision – in three formats.

One-to-one supervision (6) for each student.

Group supervision (5) providing students the opportunity to learn from peer coaching session.

Team/Family Coaching supervision (6) allowing students live supervision of large group coaching.

World Work* Project – We hold our students to be world workers. Each student will choose a world work project to act as a powerful lens for the application of certification skills.

Residential Training (3 days). Residential training will occur at the end of the tele-class series and will allow for the practice of large group coaching skills that need to occur in a face to face environment.

ORSC Institute –an online university learning platform focusing on deep theory and individual application of the work. Online learning is combined with one hour Triad Calls to anchor the learning and promote a learning community. Click below to learn more:
Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Program

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