Powerful Life Coaching Exercises
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Powerful Life Coaching Exercises

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Some of the most powerful life coaching exercises are very simple and basic. It is they application and follow through where the challenges lie. One common trait that all successful people have is that they do what they say they are going to do and they finish what they start. Here are some exercises that have helped me and can help you as long as you let them.

Self Analysis
Many times we are blind to our own self. Meaning that it is easier for people to see how we truly are that it is for us to see ourselves. One of the best self analysis tool that I have ever seen comes from the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. In his book he gives numerous detailed questions that will help you though your own self analysis. You may find some resistance that comes up when you begin to analyze yourself. Trust the process, the more resistance that arises the more the self analyzation is needed.

Goal Setting
To live to your full potential goals must be set. Nine times out of ten they have to be written down as well. A great way to find balance, alignment and success is to always be working on four goals. 1. Spiritual 2. Emotional 3. Mental 4. Physical

Rest assured communication is the answer to all problems. The more that we focus n become greater communicators the greater results we will achieve in our own lives. The best way to become a better communicator is to stop talking and listen. The most powerful communicators must first be the most powerful listeners.

Chris Reynolds invites you to find some more suggestions at life coaching exercises. Many people would love to be a life coach for a living. A life coach salary

might start off small but, it is the experience that is priceless because if you let the lessons and experience work for you then you can become your own boss and your salary becomes unlimited.

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