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Professional Certified Coach Program – International Coach Academy

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The coach training offered by International Coach Academy is unique in the coach training industry. It is designed by education specialists and based on solid adult learning principles

We do not propose one single coaching model. Rather we explore a range of theories and models and then teaches you to develop an individual coaching process and model that suits your particular experience, background and vision.

This program is suitable for people wanting to establish themselves as a professional coach in a range of growing coaching niches.

Why Train To Become A Coach With International Coach Academy?

We believe in the future of coaching and the enormous potential the profession holds for making a positive difference in the way we live and work and we believe in those who join us in this journey.  At the heart of ICA is the people – people just like you.

We understand we can make an important contribution by providing the kind of professional and accredited training that has attracted over 5000 students throughout the world.  But we also understand how valuable a contribution you will make when you are living your passion.

International Coach Academy has built a rich and diverse community for coaching professionals across the globe. We love the fact that our students come from over 90 countries around the world. We know that this creates a unique learning environment, where so many cultural perspectives can be shared.

ICA opened its virtual doors to China in 2009 and is the first accredited coach training school to offer courses in Mandarin. But that is only the beginnig –  our aim is to keep adding new languages: Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, and French just to name a few, with the goal to see our coach training as a platform for worldwide conversation on the coaching process.

Today, with over 60 full and part time staff and trainers located throughout the world, ICA operates around the clock, over mulitple time zones. Students are able to access courses from their homes and yet engage with people from every part of the world.  Click below to learn more:

International Coach Academy

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