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Professional Coaching Course – New Ventures West

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Life Coaching Courses - Executive Coach Training Program

The Professional Coaching Course (PCC) attracts dedicated professionals who intend to:

* Start their own coaching business
* Add coaching services to an existing consulting practice
* Provide professional-level coaching within their organization
* Fully integrate coaching into their leadership

The PCC provides:

* A powerful proven methodology grounded in theory, research, and practice
* A rigorous curriculum of study and practice that includes 16 days of face-to-face learning
* Seasoned teaching faculty known for their wisdom, compassion, presence, and experience
* A custom-designed individual development plan for each student
* An accomplished group of fellow participants who are committed to high standards of excellence
* Small class sizes: you join a class of 20 and a “pod” of 5 students
* An active graduate community of close to 1000 people

The Professional Coaching Course has been recognized by the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Program. We conduct a thorough, rigorous certification process for people who complete the program and apply to be designated as a New Ventures West Integral Coach.

Who you will become

Integral Coaches build competence, foster personal fulfillment and open up possibilities by drawing upon the knowledge of what’s unchanging about human life and taking into account that which is particular about our times. To be useful, of course, coaching must be eminently practical and be helpful in both the immediate and the long term. Coaching can only accomplish all this when it’s practiced by people who are highly skilled, experienced, and models of what they represent. Our program, the Professional Coaching Course, produces such people. Click below to learn more:
Professional Coaching Course

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