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Since life can become very high paced it is easy to fall into routines and stop feeling one with nature. This is especially hard in a city as you have more pavement than trees and everything is twice as hard to accomplish. It is very hard to remember your place in the universe as your are spending an hour to find parking or wait on a crowded platform for the next train to take you home. Even though something is not easy it does not make it any less relevant. Humans have always been in tune with nature and the last few decades have not changed our basic structure.

Evolution does not keep up with the current technology and this causes certain problems for most individuals. Even though your company places you in a cubicle looking at grey wall for eight hours, five times a week it does not make it right. You need to stay in tune with nature in order to really enjoy your life. There have been studies done where it was shown that people react better to the color green even if it is only on a poster and you should use that to your advantage.

I always like to think about water as it is really the most amazing life force around. First of all without it no life on this planet could exist, but look at how it treats its surroundings. It can either stop, flow over, go around the side, freeze or evaporate. It always takes the path of least resistance, but can also become very powerful and virtually unstoppable when it wants.

Any time that you can try and spend some time in nature and just observe the different animals and plant life around you. Notice how they behave and react to the environment around the, and that they never really forget and take it for granted. If you are stuck at work do and try to have as many pictures with nature on them around you as possible. This will help you stay relaxed and increase your productivity as that is what it is really about. You can also either work your way up quicker and be able to ask for that office with a window view which is always most requested.

If you do happen to have an office like that do not sit with your back to it, and if you have to make sure that the blinds are fully open and take some time every hour to just look out the window. No matter what anyone says these are the most productive minutes of your day, as it is when your brain is really given the ability to refresh itself and cook up those killer ideas that you want. There is a reason why many companies have huge parks and recreational areas for their workers, as they understand the correlation well and can see the magnificent boost in productivity by allowing for humans to feel in touch with nature.

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  • Kelly Harrison January 23, 2012, 9:28 pm

    I totally agree and resonate with what is said in this article. I always try to find time to commune with nature as much as I can. Being a single mom and working a full time job, it is imperative that I recharge my mind and thoughts with mother nature and take time to relax and do deep breathing at parks and other outdoor locations. It helps to put my life in perspective and it improves all aspect of my personal and work life.

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