Self-Help Options To Cure Panic Attacks
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Self-Help Options To Cure Panic Attacks

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Medical treatment and counseling are among the proven techniques for treating and manage panic attacks, but there are several self help techniques that persons who encounter panic attacks tremendously could consider on a more regular basis. Studying various self help solutions for anxiety attacks can help to lessen stress which triggers the panic episodes and make it possible to have a healthier way of living. Here are a number of the most valuable self-help options for managing anxiety and panic attacks:

1. Undertake natural anxiety relieving hobbies. Pressure could aggravate or trigger anxiety attacks, therefore reducing the level of stress by having physical activities such as regular exercise, massage therapy or maybe just walking would definitely help to keep the symptoms manageable. Making a routine out of such standard anxiety relieving activities can certainly make it less complicated to cope on a daily basis.

2. Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!. According to, numerous individuals experience anxiety attacks just because they do not breathe effectively. Stress and fear could make you take short breaths which in turn makes it tricky to think clearly and decrease your blood pressure. Target on having deep ‘belly’ breaths for you to be able to lower the tightness in your lungs and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.

3. Study more about the warning signs. A few of the signature signs of anxiety attacks normally include sweating, a pounding heart, extreme nervousness and also difficulty concentrating. Taking these really as a part of your anxiety and panic attacks makes it less complicated to take care of. You should be able to say to yourself that “it’s just a sign” and find solutions for them accordingly, instead of just treating it as an unusual event in your life.

4. Relax your muscles with techniques when you feel the attack coming on. Clenching and releasing your fists is one way to carry out muscle relaxation. This self-help strategy is perfect for people who encounter panic attacks considering it gives you back his sense that he has control over his own body. Work on tightening and releasing muscles all over your body so that you may reduce your anxiety level naturally hence preventing the anxiety and panic attack.

5. Find someone you trust and talk to that person. In case you are working with a psychological counselor in dealing with your anxiety, you might be able to call them at a moment’s notice for support and assistance as soon as you really feel the attack coming on. If not, consider finding a person whom you trust completely and call them any time you start to experience the signs of an attack. Just talking about what’s happening to you will help lessen your stress and reduce the chance of a panic attack.

6. Keep an eye on what you eat. Eating particular kinds of meals can help to calm you down the natural way, therefore you should try to stay away from ‘trigger’ foods that may upset your nervous system balance. Meet with a nutritionist to make a healthy eating plan that’s centered around good meals that won’t cause severe tension.

You will find various self help solutions out there for controlling panic attacks, and you can certainly make use of any of these tactics for you to keep a more stress-free life. Try different techniques to lessen the possibilities of an anxiety and panic attack so you can start enjoying life once again.

If you have ever suffered from a panic disorder when socializing with people, or have fear of leaving your home, there is great news. A drug free anxiety treatment that can help you to free yourself from the fearful thoughts that may lead to panic attacks.

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  • Michael September 30, 2011, 11:30 pm

    I have found exercise (running) to be the best therapy for my social anxiety. Something about being outdoors and exercising your body; just makes you feel better. Eat healthy organic foods, exercise, and stay away from doctors.

    Then again, I guess I am running by myself; does that mean I’m just hiding in my anxiety?

    – great article-

  • AK382 October 1, 2011, 12:18 am

    I’ve always felt crippled by my panic attacks. I’m very glad I found this article. It’s helped me see panic attacks in a whole new light.

  • Alex October 24, 2011, 9:34 pm

    When I first tried the breathing techniques mentioned above, I found that it increased my anxiety because it made me focus more on it. However, after being consistent with using the technique, I find it to be very helpful now. I too have found that running is a great way to decrease anxiety and panic attacks. Also, avoiding alcohol has been very helpful in my experience.

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