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The Art and Science of Coaching is an International Coach Federation
Accredited accelerated learning program designed to build mastery in coaching. It is ideal for leaders, managers and professionals who want to benefit from proven coaching techniques and developed practice.

The Art and Science of Coaching assists people and teams to connect with and to live and work from a place of deep commitment and motivation.

The Art and Science of Coaching is divided into four powerful learning modules

Module I off­ers the foundational beginning for powerful solution focused coaching conversations, spotlighting the structure for creating a compelling vision. The aim of this module is to provide the necessary theory & practice for the participants to be able to conduct a basic coaching session.

Module II focuses on implementation and development. It provides a new relationship with strategy, planning, execution and time. This is where we find answers to the client’s question “How shall I achieve it?”, and you learn how to assist the client to design the strategies of his or her project.

Module III deals with values and the client’s values system. This module teaches methods to raise the client’s awareness of the core values that motivate him or her, and how to link these values to their goals for outstanding motivation.

Module IV is where theory & practice are completed, this module develops the art of engaging success factors on multiple levels, e­ffectively supporting completion and authentic satisfaction. Participants leave with the deep knowledge of coaching and real tools to assist clients to effect rapid, lasting change in their capability to move forward in alignment with their values.

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