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The MentorCoach Coach Training Program – MentorCoach LLC

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The MentorCoach Training Program: Foundations is our flagship 31-week coach training program. It intends to provide students training in individual and group coaching skills, service marketing skills, ethics and risk management skills–all within a rich community of support– to launch their coaching practices.

MentorCoach and ICF Certification – Some Foundations Graduates, however, want to go further. As with the development of great competence in any profession, the road to mastery in coaching requires training, time, supervision and practice.

In MentorCoach, this path leads through the Certification Track toward certification as a Certified MentorCoach (CMC). It involves intensive study of coaching skills, supervision, additional class work, coaching practice with other students, coaching clients, taping of client sessions and live supervision by an ICF Master Certified Coach, additional required courses such as, for example, our Master Class in Ethics and Risk Management taught by the leading attorney-psychologist in the country in this field, and successful completion of a written and oral examination. Learn more below:
MentorCoach Training Program

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